My stuff. What I use and how I use it.

IMG_2373I have been asked what pencils, erasers, etc. that I use. As for the pencils I use mechanical/clutch pencils. I use them over wood pencils because they are always the same length and always the same weight. I use Turquoise Prismacolor Drawing Leads in various hardness. I use Blu-tack and kneaded erasers. I really like Blu-tack and use it as my primary eraser. I really like Moo erasers too. I use my Mono Zero eraser which if very fine tipped for a lot of my hair work. I use an electric eraser for some things too. But don’t use it all that much. I like to use powdered graphite and a soft nylon brushes (of various types), These make it easy to cover a lot of area. It lessens the pencil marks and shine as well. I use Strathmore Bristol Vellum for my paper. Usually 300 series as well as their Windpower. I am experimenting with YUPO “paper” which is actually plastic. I will be posting a drawing using it very soon. I have one of a glass of whiskey that I used YUPO for. You can see it on my “Things and Stuff” page. If you have any other questions or want some tips and tricks feel free to leave a comment! Thanks for looking! Peace!

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