Native Americans, Pueblos and Churches

Near and dear to my heart are these drawings..being a New Mexico native, I have a special place in my heart for these drawings!

Hoop Dancer


A rough work I used for practice.

Jemez Man

Apache Warrior

Navajo Man

Apache Warrior

Tewa Maiden with Butterfly Hair


Becoming a Man

Zuni Warrior Original has been donated


Ah Chee Lo

First attempt early 2010

My first attempt at drawing a Native American

Old Lady Gray Mountain

Spider Rock

First attempt early 2010

Taos Pueblo

Santuario De Chimayo

Taos House In Winter


2 thoughts on “Native Americans, Pueblos and Churches

  1. Stan, whats up brother? Stopped in to checkout The Humble Pencil. I gotta say Im pretty damn impressed. I knew you could draw from a few pictures you’d showed me in the past but these drawing are electrifying. Can you draw like big pictures like 2’x4′ that i could hang in my living room over the couch. You kno something that would look good there. Something country like maybe an old country road with an old broken down wooded or an old abandoned homestead w/ old barn or something. Youget the idea. Maybe 3’x4′ would be better. How much would that be keepin in mind that you took advantage of a drunk man and allowed me to over pay a bit for denim hat which i had on just afew days ago. anyway ket me know. Shoot me a text or email. Later bro!

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