These are some of my Portraits.  The human face is my favorite thing to draw by farPlease enjoy!


Danny Trejo
Bristol Vellum, 14X17


Girl With Beverage
Bristol Vellum, 14X17

Walter White

Walter White “Breaking Bad”
Bristol Vellum, 14X17


17X14 graphite on Strathmore Bristol Vellum

From a photo by Tom Stone. With permission


Commission for Sabra

Ronald Regan

Liam “Wild Bill” McCurry.
Author of the novel “Terminal Policy”

Commission for Howard

Commission for a Friend

Reference Photo for above drawing

Apache Warrior 2


My Wife Lindsey

Commission Work

Albuquerque Legend Lewie Wickham

The Old Folks

Cowboy Crack-up

Robert Oppenheimer “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”.


Waylon Jennings commission

Red Skelton as Clem Kadiddlehopper

Christopher Walken, More Cowbells!

Drew Barrymore

Anthony Hopkins

Audrey Hepburn

Bob Marley

Jeff Bridges as True Grit

Baby Origami

Willie Nelson

Morgan Freeman


Angelina Jolie

Hugh Laurie “House” Love Sucks

Mr & Mrs. K commission

Mrs. K commission

Mr. K commission

Check out his book "Terminal Policy"

My Friend and Author Liam “Bill” McCurry commission
“Wild Bill”

Bad Selfie

Son-in-law and Granddaughter

Homeless man 1 Archie.
From a photograph by Tom Stone. With permission

Homeless man 2
From a photograph by Tom Stone. With permission

Homeless man 3
From a photograph by Tom Stone. With permission

Homeless man 4

Homeless man 5

Grandpa Elliot New Orleans

Homeless woman 1
From a photograph by Tom Stone. With permission

Homeless woman 2
From a photograph by Tom Stone. With permission

First Native American I TRIED to draw.

One of the early drawings

My very 1st portrait. My Grandson Hayden.

19 thoughts on “Portraits

  1. These are really nice. I especially like the Morgan Freeman portrait. The likeness is very good. And how cool that you did a portrait from “True Grit”! I haven’t seen that movie yet, but hope to.

  2. feel free to link my website to yours, Stan… your sketch of me is on the opening page!! My thriller novel, Terminal Policy, continues to sell well on Amazon, etc… altho my publisher “suspended operations” a few months ago and shipped the remaining 1000 hardcover books to my garage!! So autographed hardcopies and my author-narrated CD and MP3 audiobooks are only available from my website….take a look! Love to see you in Monterey one of these days… Liam McCurry

  3. iv fallen in love with your work,am a young artist and you have really inspired me,am anspiring to produce great works maybe you can drop me a few tips.thanks

  4. nice website, stan! on this page, i especially like the one of your lovely wife, and homeless man #2… i’m lovin your work!

  5. fascinating portraits! I just picked the bug for illustrating portraits, I hope i can be someone as good as you sir.
    and I love the way you introduced the story behind the ‘Humble Pencil’. Thanks for sharing to us your talents.

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