Things and Stuff

Studies, and miscellaneous Drawings.  There are some very nice drawings here!!


Aspens with bear claw mark


Yucca At White Sands


On The Rocks

Eye got It

Bubble Drip

Bright Idea

Martini splash in color

Martooni 1

Martooni 2

On The Rocks

Tyin’ a Fly

The Last Chore

Coffee better be hot!


White Sands Yucca


Misty Morn’


Up, Up, and Away

Splash and Dash on the Rio Grande


moon 1

Moon and Coyote

Kickin’ Back Before the Ride


Eye’m Watching

9 thoughts on “Things and Stuff

  1. outstanding!!! to be able to capture the dimensions of the water splashing and the shades of it is so amazing. i like the bubble drip the best, the detail in it just blows me away!

  2. i’m a fan of the bubble drip too, and also especially like the first one, the eye, and tyin a fly… i think these closeup studies are fantastic :@ )

  3. Can I ask if you use a certain type of pencils/paper? There’s something about the way you create the different shades that’s different to anything I’ve done myself.. You seem to be able to get some areas to be really jet black, without the pencil lines showing or looking ‘shiny’. And other areas seem to just blend and smudge really well. It’s like you’ve found another 10 shades of grey that my pencil has never found!!
    Thanks, Claire

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